Welcome to our Benefice website! We are three Church of England parishes in the Diocese of Gloucester

We are a group of people of various backgrounds who worship God and try to serve our neighbours in his name. We are “Here for God and Here for You”.

We find that having a friendship with Jesus Christ, through the gift of His Holy Spirit within us, brings hope and joy even in the saddest and most difficult of times – such as the Coronavirus.

We would like others to find that kind of faith too, so we try to welcome people and offer them a chance to learn about the Christian faith.

We try to put our faith into practice, at school, work, home, in our hobbies, politics and the way we use our money, because every day we pray that “God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven”. We know that life can be tough for many people in all sorts of ways and want to offer our support and prayers, in response to the next line of the Lord’s Prayer, “give us today our daily bread”.

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