Hardwicke Church Changes

We would apprecaite it if you could complete the survey below to allow us to look at the options we have for the way we use Hardwicke Church and how we change the layout to support that.

Many thanks

Survey into Planned Changes at St Nicholas Church Hardwicke
About You
Just a couple of questions for us to gather some information about you as a responder to our questionaire

1. In what context are you responding*

2. If an organisation – what organisation do you represent

Main Questions

1. Do you support the aim of enhancing the Church in the ways we have outlined?

2. Do you have any other suggestions as to how it can become more useful to the community, what facilities could we offer?

3. Are there any particular groups/activities that you would like to see going on there, that aren’t already happening in Hardwicke?

4. Would you be willing to help organise/run such an activity?

5. Anything else you’d like to add….